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  • Eric Jewett
    Associate Professor
    Television, Film & Video Production

    Harvard University, BA

    Eric Jewett has spent more than 35 years in film and television production. From his first job as an assistant to Paul Schrader (American Gigolo; Taxi Driver; Cat People) to his recent seasons on Code Black (CBS emergency room drama starring Marcia Gay Harden & Rob Lowe) he has wrangled Ewoks, wolves and Mike the Dog; worked in comedies, dramas and puppet movies (Team America); and run sets in Africa, Atlanta and downtown L.A.

    He grew up in a small town in Massachusetts without a movie theater and had no idea that film would become a passion. At the time, he was a ski racer, an Eagle Scout and a carpenter for hire.

    Eric knows the day-to-day details of life on the set; the prep and shoot, budgeting time and money, equipment; scene-work and acting, directing, producing. He is excited about sharing his expertise and encouraging a new generation of filmmakers to produce their stories in America’s favorite art form.