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  • Doug Krause
    Senior Instructor
    Music & Entertainment Industry Studies
    AR 288

    ​Doug Krause's educational background includes a Master of Arts in Music Composition from the University of Denver and a Master of Humanities (emphasis in Music Industry Studies) from the University of Colorado Denver. He is currently a Senior Instructor of music and music industry courses at CU Denver.

    Krause has been a professional musician and composer for over twenty years. During his career, he has been a performer, recording artist, producer, studio musician, composer, songwriter, and teacher. He is the proprietor of Full Measure Productions, the label for his recording projects. He also owns the publishing company Denver Basin Music that specializes in the promotion of music from the Rocky Mountain region.

    Live performance has always been an important part of Krause's professional experience; he has performed in all styles of popular music throughout his career. He also has over twenty-five years of studio experience both as a performer and producer. He performs regularly, involving himself in several live performance projects in the Colorado region including The Long Run, Colorado’s Tribute to the Eagles and Ol’ Blue Eyes, a tribute to Frank Sinatra. Piano is his primary instrument, but he is also proficient on acoustic guitar, pedal steel guitar and lap steel guitar.​