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  • ‘Moving in the right direction’ – Learn with Purpose: In my own words, Aaron Daniels


    When I hear “Learn with Purpose” I think of moving in the right direction, not necessarily the destination. My purpose isn’t just getting my degree in recording arts and business through the College of Arts and Media–it is being able to move toward my ongoing goal of pursuing a career in the film and audio industry.

    For the past year and a half, I have been attending the Harvest Christian Center, and I have been getting more involved in the leadership aspects. It is not only pushing me forward in life, but also toward what I want to pursue. I am able to apply things I am learning in school to projects at the church. I am putting out my first radio show and releasing my first single, “New Anointing,” under the ministry, which is a great opportunity because I can apply what I love to a vision I can help promote.

    Through opportunities like this, I am putting what I am learning into action and not just letting what I am learning sit as a degree on a shelf.

    Two big things I have learned and applied while at CU Denver are time management and communication. Those are things that can really set you apart from other people. I schedule time carefully to make sure I am moving toward my purpose. I don’t have the time to settle for anything else. I don’t want to be around anyone who contradicts my purpose. When you think about what’s really going to set you apart from other people and what allows people to desire to work with you or be around you on a daily basis, it is the practical things.

    I try to walk a lifestyle with a mindset of excellence. That’s how I learn with purpose.

    Guest contributor: Aaron Daniels, recording arts major