MEIS: Music Business


Whether you’re already an enterprising individual wishing to make the most of your musical passions, or a musician looking to manage your own livelihood, CAM’s Music Business program provides you with the indispensable skills for both professional careers and personal organization, from managing artists to concert promotions and record production to music publishing.

Classes span all areas of artist and music management and are taught by seasoned faculty members, many of whom are veterans in the music industry.

Hands-on, real-world experience is our forte and evident in programs such as CAM Records, a student-run record label for the college, and the Music Entertainment Industry Student Association (MEISA).

The Degree

Bachelor of Science in Music

This degree is designed for students who are interested in professional careers in music; including music composition and performance, recording, business, and entertainment. Students can select classes that lead to local, regional, and national careers in audio research, production companies, art administration, and audio engineering—to name just a few.

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