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  • Pathways to Success: CAM Alumni


    Alumni use CAM education to page unique career paths in film.

    Mitch Dickman (’05)

    RollpapersSTO_580wDickman’s experience at CAM allowed him to foster individual passions and focuses, rather than forcing him into a “one-size-fits-all” program.

    2006: Founded Listen Productions

    ROLLING-PAPERS_KA_HORIZ2015: Produced “Rolling Papers,” a documentary on marijuana culture as told by the world’s first marijuana editor in The Denver Post column, The Cannabist

    Since attending CAM, Dickman has worked on over 100 productions, including narratives, documentaries, television, theatre, commercials and more. He continues to perfect his craft, experimenting to see where his next project leads him.




    Aaron Kopp (’09)
    downloadKopp built his portfolio and gained essential tools and connection – particularly those with CAM faculty – to start his career as a filmmaker.

    2009: Won Starz Denver Film Festival People’s Choice Award – Best Short Film for “Likhaya”

    AaronKoppProductionStill_360w2012: Earned Oscar – Best Short Documentary for “Saving Face”

    Named one of “10 Filmmakers to Watch on 2012” by The Independence, Kopp has worked on films for HBO, Discovery, Channel 4 UK, CBS, CNN and PBS. He deeply believes in his projects, making all the bloog, sweat and tears worth it.





    Annie Baker (’09) & Jimmy Weber (’09)

    Capturetumblr_mkuuvdEGQq1rcdplso1_500.img_assist_custom-480x640CAM was always supportive of Baker and Weber’s artistic visions. They still refer back to classes and professors as they write, direct and produce horror films.

    2007: Founded Pretty People Pictures

    2014: Won two film festival Best Feature Film (Horror) awards for “EAT”

    Baker and Weber’s first short film, “INCUBATOR,” was submitted to over 50 international film festivals and won a dozen awards, leading them to start writing and filming feature-length films. “EAT” is now available on DVD. Pretty People Pictures hopes to shoot their second film in 2016.