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    065Is it possible for machines, technology and science to have heart?

    According to Melissa Coatzee the answer is yes ‒ but only when the person behind these tools has heart as well. Her late husband, Sean Coatzee, was diagnosed with late-stage cancer and passed away within six weeks of his diagnosis in 2013. He was one year away from completing his Master of Science degree in Recording Arts with an emphasis in Media Forensics.

    “Sean had a strong dedication to his own moral compass and lived as authentically as possible, staying true to his own values,” says Melissa. After accepting an honorary posthumous degree for Sean in 2014, she knew the best way to pay tribute to his memory was to continue his legacy of ethics and learning. The Sean P. Coatzee Memorial Scholarship fund began as a $1,000 pledge over five years and has now become a $25,000 endowed scholarship that will honor Sean’s life for years to come.

    58098580985361.BkKXr8MyyNdWYWIRyeF6_height640Those working in the Media Forensics industry can be exposed to disturbing material and some of the more unfortunate aspects of human nature. Melissa remembers Sean’s dedication to integrity in regards to this reality, so she chose to focus the scholarship on ethics within Media Forensics. “He did not need oversight or the threat of repercussions in order to do the right thing. That is what I think living your truth for Sean and myself means. It means always staying true to your own internal values.”

    Applications for the Sean P. Coatzee Memorial Scholarship will be accepted in January for incoming Fall 2016 College of Arts & Media students focused on Media Forensics. Interested students will write an essay about ethics and one chosen student will be awarded the scholarship.

    The memory of Sean Coatzee, a man with a kind and generous spirit, will leave a lasting impact on the faculty and students of CU Denver.