Visual Arts

Exploring the Horizons of Your Own Talent, Historic Perspectives & Hands-on Learning, Skill Refinement & Cultivation of the Mind
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About Us

Find your creative voice and feed your innovative mind at the Department of Visual Arts (VA). This visionary department provides an education in which artists and art historians of promise and motivation can explore the horizons of their own talents.

The department’s efforts are devoted not only to the refinement of visual skills, but to the articulation and cultivation of the mind. Students must bring creative force and imagination – qualities that cannot be taught but can only be stimulated and appreciated.

As a developing artist, students couldn’t be in a better place. The department is located in downtown Denver and is at the heart of its thriving, dynamic arts community. Whether students work as an intern at a local gallery or visit one of the nation’s leading museums, our urban setting yields endless opportunities for students to learn, experience and create art both on and beyond the Auraria campus.