VA: 3D Graphics and Animation


Imagination comes to life in the Digital Animation Center (DAC). Animators who are problem-solvers and critical thinkers are fostered here and prepared to enter the workforce as leaders and managers. You’ll receive the highest level of instruction in the theory, practice and application of digital 3D media.

Whether you’re looking to set up your painting or drawing studio, work as a graphic artist or illustrator, or are interested in product design or advertising, the College of Arts & Media combines a thorough academic curriculum with internship and extracurricular opportunities.

DAC faculty are experienced professionals with many years of real, practical work experience in a wide variety of animation expertise from broadcast, film, museum, scientific visualization, simulation and the gaming industries. Faculty members have worked as both fine artist and commercial artist giving them a unique perspective on the application of animation techniques.

Working as Technical Directors, Creative Directors, Art Directors, Producers and Directors as independent artist and in prestigious studios like Paramount, LucasFilms LTD., Universal, and with unique experience with high-end, fully immersive presentation technology, the faculty delivers a sound foundation of knowledge that will lead to a rich and rewarding experience as a top-notch animator.


The Degree

Bachelor of Fine Art—Emphasis in 3D Graphics and Animation


The first two courses of the DAC emphasis, FA1810 and FA1820, are open to all students (subject to class size caps). Selection for confirmation to the DAC Core Cadre—between 28 and 34 students are selected for the core cadre each year for continuation of the degree emphasis is at the end of the first year and is by portfolio review based on year one work in both animation and foundational art courses. Should the student candidate not be confirmed into the DAC Core Cadre, a number of fulfilling and equally viable degree options within the College of Arts & Media are available to the student in Digital Design, Film, Recording Arts or Studio Arts.

Students who wish to transfer to the College of Arts & Media from another college or school at the University of Colorado Denver must formally apply to the College of Arts & Media. Students will be considered for admission on either their overall GPA in applicable coursework from CU and all previous institutions, or on their last 15 credit hours. Applicants with less than a 2.0 GPA in related courses (from CU or other institutions) and an overall CU GPA of less than 2.0 will be denied admission even though they may meet other requirements for consideration.

Contact a CAM advisor for further information.

Tuition and Fees at the University of Colorado Denver
Tuition and fees at the University of Colorado Denver have been established by the Board of Regents, the governing body of the University of Colorado, and are subject to change at any time. Tuition is based on student classification (undergraduate, graduate, academic program, resident or nonresident).

Please contact the Bursar’s Office<> if you have questions regarding tuition and/or fees.


Students who are residents of WICHE states are eligible to request a reduced tuition rate of 150% of resident tuition at participating two- and four-year college programs outside of their home state through the Western Undergraduate Education (WUE) program.


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