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Bachelor of Arts – Art History Emphasis

Why is art made? What role does it play in our society and culture? How does it benefit us? For those who are interested in the history and analysis of the visual arts, CAM offers a comprehensive art history program. The educational experience for the art history student is centered on the knowledge and skills gained from rigorous and structured courses as well as the rich academic offerings throughout the university.

The faculty is comprised of artists and historians who understand the importance of art applications both in and outside of the classroom. For this reason, your instructors strive to be the bridge between you and the professional world. With the encouragement and efforts of faculty, students are able to involve themselves with the Denver Art Museum, the Emmanuel Gallery and with various galleries and museums across the Front Range.

The Degree

Bachelor of Arts – Art History Emphasis

The art history emphasis familiarizes students with a range of developments in the history of art while developing skills in critical thinking, writing, research and the study of artworks. After an introduction to the canonical traditions of art and architecture, students take advanced lecture courses on specific subjects. This curriculum concludes with capstone seminars on the methods of art historical scholarship as well as a thesis project.

Admissions & Advising

Program Requirements

Our Students

Bachelor of Arts – Art History Emphasis

The Art History Students Association (AHSA) is a very active group bringing in top notch visiting artists to campus. The student club was created to promote art history among students by providing information on art history-related careers and graduate schools, internship and research opportunities, scholarships, fellowship and grant possibilities, and academic assistance to art history students.

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