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Bachelor of Fine Arts – Painting/Drawing Emphasis

The Painting & Drawing emphasis takes a contemporary approach that works to integrate painterly and drawing concerns with focused artistic practice and developing critical dialogue. As a studio discipline, painting and drawing is as rich in visual arts history as it is charged with contemporary innovation. Painting and drawing as a studio practice encourages a multi-faceted dialogue within this continuum, developing a base of technical skill and an awareness of visual culture while infusing experimental painterly and drawing approaches and theoretical ideas. In painting and drawing students learn to perceive, read and translate the visual world into personal forms of expression and representation. Students acquire knowledge of theory, history and criticism while developing a relationship to the physical production of art.

Painting & Drawing introduces students to a variety of techniques and ideas while challenging them to develop a studio process with formal, conceptual and spatial impact. Painting and drawing classes are interdisciplinary, allowing the use of multiple materials and/or techniques in the production of a successful art piece or body of work. Students come away with a strong studio skill base, an engaged conceptual and professional framework, and an ability to take part in the exciting field of contemporary painting and drawing.

The Degree

Bachelor of Fine Arts – Painting/Drawing Emphasis

Students begin their work at CU Denver by enrolling in visual arts foundations and lower division arts courses. This first year to year and a half of studio work prepares students for submitting a portfolio to their choice of emphasis for their bachelor fine arts degree. Students are encouraged to submit to more than one area at the time of their portfolio application.

Students who are applying for entrance into the painting & drawing emphasis are required to submit a portfolio of ten digital images, a written statement, and unofficial transcript(s) from CU Denver and all previous post-secondary educational institutions.  Applications must be uploaded to SlideRoom. There is a fall and spring application deadline. However, it is important to be aware that students graduate in the Spring semester only with their completed BFA thesis work. Students should plan entry into the program accordingly. Upon acceptance, students will be able to register for upper-division painting & drawing courses.

For step-by-step instructions for submitting a portfolio and application, consult:Portfolio Guidelines and Program Eligibility.

To be eligible to apply, students must have a cumulative fine arts/art history GPA of 2.0 and must have complete, or be currently enrolled in the equivalents of the following courses: FINE 1100 Drawing I, FINE 1400 Two-Dimensional Design, FINE 1500 Three-Dimensional Design, FINE 2030 Life Drawing, FINE 2155 Introduction to Digital Photography, FINE 2600 Art History Survey I, FINE 2610 Art History Survey II


Admissions & Advising

Program Requirements

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